Skype for Nokia E72


It seems that Fring is the best solution for having all messenger and VoIP applications on the Nokia E72. So you might wonder what if there is a reason to install Skype’s application for Symbian S60 on the phone.  The short answer: if you are using Skype for more then just chatting and calling friends you defiantly should consider installing the application.

And now for the long answer….. The Skype application for Symbian provides almost all features that Skype desktop application provides:

  • Register to Skype if you don’t have user.
  • Calling other Skype Users
  • Chatting with other Skype Users
  • Calling any phone using Skype Out (Charge Applies)
  • Sending SMS Messages using Skype Network (Charge Applies, Not supported by Fring)
  • Sending and Receiving files from other Skype users
  • Adding users to contacts (Not supported by Fring)
  • For users who are subscribed to  additional Skype services, the application provides information about the subscription status, Voice mails  and Call credit. (Not supported by Fring)

Unfortunately like Fring,even this application doesn’t support video calls on Nokia E72. Other then that it’s a great application.

The application can be downloaded from Skype’s mobile site

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  • Flaki

    Been using it since yesterday, it works quite well.

    Back when I had my E51, approx. a year ago I had to rely on fring, as Live Messenger was *so* beta and generally filled with bugs that it was an annoyment itself, just to have it on my device. Skype back then was just a J2ME client that offered very limited services so I had to fall back on using fring (which itself, had some annoyances, but nothing serious).

    Now, as E72 came with an updated Live client (that works like a charm), and now a Native Skype client – I find myself rarely running fring, which is a big pat-on-the-shoulder for the developers of the official/native clients.

    (Skype for Symbian is not (yet?) perfect, it has some quirks but alltogether, it’s a breeze to use and saves you from the annoyances that come from a not platform-friendlily (is there such a word? :D ) developed application.)

  • You never will know

    Skype 1.0 is not supporting the Nokia E72. Many features doesn’t work with the Nokia E72. In the Skype forum many people reporting trouble with the audio.

    Well there is a beta build for the Nokia E72 from Skype. If you like it, Install the latest beta and report the bugs ;)

    I don’t recommend it!

    If you don’t need Video Calls, I recommend Nimbuzz. Skype is getting expensive, Nimbuzz Out going calls are cheaper. With Nimbuzz you have the option for “Nimbuzz or Skype” out.

  • Wilson

    I installed the Skype Beta, late last night. Signed in smoothly, got my contact displayed, my account on unlimited world calls.
    BUT…i don’t hear any audio as i call & the progress still shows ‘connecting…’ for like 3mins via WiFi and still nothing!

    • MyNokiaE72

      For me it works great, I can ear the other side without any problem.
      I’m using version

  • Flaki

    I, too, have the, and (except the bit muffled, not-very-high-quality incoming audio) I had no issues with it. And I downloaded this straight from the official homepage, no beta, no nothing.
    So as far as I can say – the official symbian Skype client *does* support E72.

  • SAW

    can i know how to download the skype for E72? I went to the homepage and do i need 2 downlaod via sms or through Help any1?

  • shiraz ali

    i have downloaded skype few days back, it was working all fine that day and i was able to make audio calls. however,i was not able to find the video call option anywhere. but now i’m facing problem login into skype. its not even connecting with the server. i have re-installed it two times and tried login and making a different user account but still the problem persist. the connection and the network connection is all fine as i can access the rest of the sites at a very good speed.
    can u plz tell me wut could be the exact error?

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  • Bubu

    skype mobile version im using yesterday very bad noisy in google talk audio is very best i am uninstall skype and using fring with google talk

  • Bubu

    Bubu :skype mobile version im using yesterday very bad noisy in skype. google talk audio is very best i am uninstall skype and using fring with google talk

  • aly


  • mhmad hb

  • imran khan

    i installed the skype on my E72. but im having calling problem.

  • faraz

    hi need skype

  • http://skype shamimsal

    good voice clear

  • http://oujdao abdou

    salam cava

  • Basit

    I installed fring on my E72 but its not detecting any connection on my phone though the internet on phone is all fine :(

  • sadiq hussain

    i need e72 skype link

  • kamal

    hello I have nokia e72 mobile I am living in united areb emirates I cannot dawnload here through mobile or sms I tried to find out in web sides but i did not find kindly help me if u can then please send me through email thank u

    • Abdulluae

        click these link for Skype

  • adamk

    i m instal skyap nokia E72 not instal updata erar show. This is waht the prablam.

  • Hussain Jazz

    Hi friends,
    please give me good suggestion to buy a phone which should support Skype video call, but in low budget,

  • Martin

    than you very much

  • Mohosinalam96

    Hello-I’m Mohosin,living in Maldives come from Bangladesh.I have Nokia E72.I want to use skype on my mobile .Ican download but when I’m installing skype it’s showing update error.So I don’t know what’s the problem.How can I do that please tell me or send skype link for Nokia E72.My email………please help me

    • Abdulluae

      first format your mobile dial *#7370# then install skype

  • Dalviali

    Hi friends,
    please give me good suggestion can we use nokia e72 for Skype video call?thanks,

  • sahid


  • javid zazai

    i want skype for nokia e72

  • saood

    i get the problem I can’t signing in the skype As on my symbain e72-1 . kindly tell me whats the problem. My network and my Wifi connection is working excellent, but skype still don’t sign in my account, or other account, This issue is also told on the skype forum webiste, but still nokia and skype don’t take any action :(