Nokia E72 Internet Browser Tips and Tricks

The Nokia E72 has new and improved internet browser compare to Nokia E71. Following tips and tricks.

  • When typing address in the browser you can select one of the following suffixes from popup list: com, org or net. Just type the address and then when typing the period you’ll get the list  of suffixes. it’s also possible to edit  this list to add new suffixes.  Options->Settings-> General-> Web address suffix
  • The browser support following keypad shortcuts:
  1. Toolbar – Toolbar with several options.
  2. Text Search – Ability to search text within the page.
  3. Back one Page
  4. Save as Bookmark – Save current page as bookmark.
  5. Display diagram of this shortcuts
  6. Reload the page
  7. Full Screen display
  8. Page overview- Zoom out to display all page.
  9. Type URL address

* Zoom In

# Zoom out

  • Another option to display the toolbar is by clicking on blank spot on the page.
  • You can customize the keypad shortcuts and also the toolbar to fit your needs:

Toolbar customization – Options -> Settings – >General ->Toolbar shortcuts

Keypad shortcuts customization - Options -> Settings – >General ->Keypad shortcuts

  • When moving the cursor in a page, small picture of the all page displayed, it’s called mini map. Some people find this feature annoying. To disable the feature:  Options->Settings->General ->Mini map-> Off.
  • The browser supports multiple windows. When multiple windows open you can see on the top right the window number. It’s possible to move between windows using the menu or to assign it as keypad shortcut or toolbar shortcut.

Got your own tips and tricks? you can share using the comments box.


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  • Kenneth

    I’ve never found the standard browser anywhere near as quick and easy to use as Opera 10 Beta. In Opera it’s wonderful using the numeric keys to quickly go page up, down, left and right, and the 5 key to zoom in and out. It’s a shame you can’t change the default browser – I’ll have to spend some more time with the standard one to see if I can get used to it.

  • Beowulf

    Opera is very buggy and has lots of memory leaks despite being cute.
    SkyFire is the best browser for the E72

  • pong

    can you browse continuously browser large web-pages in e72 browser? or does it starts giving the ‘out of memory message’ ?

  • Gabe

    Do you know how to open a web page in a new browser window in the e72 browser? Sometimes I find that I have multiple windows open but the help doesn’t say how to do it!

  • JR

    I agree with Beowulf… SKYFIRE is sweet on the E72 with a full flash support on web pages and gives you a desktop feel while browsing. There is not much memory leakage which makes browsing an enjoyable one.

    Two thumbs up!!!

  • Steff

    I have a problem with the browser zooming. When I have text page loaded and press * it does not reformat the page and i have to start to scroll left to right to read. Annoying. The E71 reformatted. But only after I uninstalled the stupid Psiloc font magnifier. On the E72 the font magnifier file is hidden, i.e. cannot be uninstalled from apps. Anybody out there who knows how to uninstall the font magnifier? thanks.

  • Steff

    I agree with Kenneth. The Opera is a good browser and it is a pitty that it cannot be changed to default browser.

  • usamasheriff

    i havent got the save web page option in my nokia e72′s default s60 browser. in fact my sisters e63 got the save page option in tools menu… is it just mine or all e72′s…

  • Gonzo

    I have on problem, Nokia, is automatically transforming almost every webpage into mobile webpages, and this disturbs me, cause sometimes i wanna use the normal desktop pages and I can’t, so is there anybody who can tell me how to set up in order not to have this thing??

  • ked

    does anyone know how to open a new browser?

  • d..vish

    to open new page, go to OPTIONS -> GO TO -> NEW WEB PAGE

  • d..vish

    try these… Mite help… towards the end of the web page, there s an option VIEW PAGE DIRECTLY. Click on it to view the actual page.
    Also in the google search page, click on settings n change the option FORMAT PAGE TO VIEW ON PHONE to no..

  • mukesh

    ya there’s no save page option in the e72 wheread old phones like e63 have this option. This sucks. Also, i have to set the default access point for internet in the browser as well as settings menu every time i swith on the phone, else it keeps asking to select access point the moment i open the net. This is annoying. I even upgraded the software version with the hope that it will fix it, but all is still the same. Anyone else with same issues?

  • http://google matomf

    unable to save webpage

  • http://nokiae72 osman

    hello! When i open a downloads its not appearing any one ca help it

  • sarath

    the best browser for e72 is UCweb,…from my experience all other browser will show
    memory problems while open some huge webpages,but this one never shows and its unterface is as good as of a computer..thanks to UCweb.

  • Abhay

    My nokia e72 showing pocket data error, how to solve this

  • ali

    hw to solve wlan

  • Niyas

    I want to browse any indian language webpages, emails but i cant get the content proper (images, english character only showing rest character showing boxes).
    If anyone know help me

  • elizabeth

    hi, i bought a nokia e72 on three network but I unlocked it to orange. Now, I carn’t use the internet because the internet is on three and I don’t know how to change this I have tried going to settings and changing it to but nothing seems to be working, I wondered if anybody could help me??

  • eileen

    i dno how to use my nokia e72s internet ,everytime i try it says connection faailed ?

  • oscarwilde

    The inability to save pages is a major pain. On my previous e71 I could print pages – great when you look up directions or info for where you’re going.

    Since then I’ve had Windows Mobiles – horrid experience but at least could save page and then print it.

    Got my e72 assuming it would still be possible to print web pages so very disappointed that it is not.

    Along with my phone’s continual freezing – mainly when writing or replying to SMS but also sometimes in browser and email/calendar – this is not a good experience so far.

    Anybody know how to fix either issue?

  • E72 sucks…

    Yes, it’s extremely frustrating that E72 doesn’t let you save web pages like the E71.

  • eric

    got an E72 and works just fine am using the opera 10.1 mobile browser which is really great however I wouldnt mind trying out skyfire is it reall that nice? i woild also love to open some of my webpages in full desktop mode like fb just havent figured out what to do although initially my opera mobile used to open fb in desktop mode which was really nice, the only thing I hate passionately about this phone is hunging only God know…hungs like hell!! Especially if you fill your sd card halfway wonder why????

  • http://xxx shafin

    hey ven i’m browsing in my nokia e72, at the top left my usage is showing. Previously it was transparent bt nw it changes to colourful n also while browsing it shows, “Reached limit”. Other prob vth my nokia e72 is ven i’m connecting my phone thru headset, i’m nt able to pick de call from my headset switch itself. Nthng happns ven i press de switch in my headset… Please assist me!!!

  • Louis

    Have the same freezing issues when adding recipient in sms and browser is just plain slow. I can be right next to my wireless router and the internet browsing just does not move.

  • md.anfas

    how can i open a new window????

  • Rafał M.

    Actually it is only WWW browser, not Internet browser. At least I could not use any ftp://… address, only http://… (WWW) addresses.

  • afraz

    how to open multiple internet windows in nokia e72 ?

  • jhonny

    how to get free internmet i keep on asking…