Firmware 081.003

New firmware update for the e72, version 081.003. I found the following features:
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Facebook app for Nokia E72

Just a quick post to update that Facebook as an official app for Nokia E72.

It’s actually subset of the great Snaptu application.

The application works great and supports many of the Facebook feature:

  • Status Updates
  • Upload pictures include taking a picture and upload straight from the app
  • News feeds
  • Message Inbox
  • Requests Inbox
  • Notifications
  • Events
  • Photo /albums browsing
  • Friends browsing
  • Profile view
  •  Find  friends
  • Search
To download the app using the Nokia E72 browser and navigate to

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OVI – Gifts of premium applications

Nokia offers free premium applications and games for a period of 30 days.

Just enter the ovi store application on your Nokia E72 and you will be prompted for the gifts.

I hope this offer available worldwide, please comment….


New Firmware 071.004

New firmware available for the Nokia E72, The new firmware version is 071.004.

The update is done using the NOKIA OVI Suite or OTA (Over The Air).

Nokia OVI Suite

Connect the Nokia E72 to the PC, and start the Nokia OVI Suite.

Click on Software update then the application backup the phone, download the application and upgrade the phone. The process takes about 15 minutes.

Over The Air

Type *#0000# -> Options -> Check for update.

Already got the update? update on the features


054.005 firmware update

Getting some comments on the new Nokia E72 firmware update, 054.005. On my Nokia E72 I can’t see the update yet, you are wecloned to comment if you got the new update or have any info about it…

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New firmware update 053.001

Today I go this pop up message on the phone: “Software update available”.It’s the first time that I got this kind of message.

After confirming the message following screen appears

Phone Software

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When to reset the E72?

When the E72 doesn’t work like it should you should consider to reset the phone. Menu get stuck, applications doesn’t work, etc’ also sign that it’s time to reset the phone.
Also after upgrading the phone firmware it’s good idea to reset the phone.

There are two types of reset, Hard reset and Soft reset.

Soft reset – Doesn’t involves deletion of user data (Contacts, SMS, etc’) . Type *#7780# from the standby screen. The Default security code is 12345.

Hard rest- Erase all phone content but usually works better in solving problems. Also recommended after  phone firmware upgrade .
Type *#7370# from the standby screen. The Default security code is 12345.

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Nokia E72 Version 051.018

New update using the OTA available.

type *#0000# and then Options, Check for updates.

Following the new version changelog:

  • New chat features
  • QuickOffice with Office 2007 support
  • Improved Ovi Music and Ovi Store
  • Updated browser
  • Improved e-mail and calendar
  • Improved performance and usability

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E72- Battery Emergency

Your are in the middle of the day and you just found out that only few hours lefts until your Nokia E72′s battery drains dead, What to do?

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Y-Browser – For advanced users only!

y_browser-192x192_ The default file manager (Menu->Office->file Mgr.) is quite limited, it doesn’t allow access to some of the folders, it’s not possible to change default application and it doesn’t handle folders with long file list.

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